Instrumentals Vol 2

Instrumentals Vol 2

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Why anybody in their right mind would want to hear these songs without me on them I don't know, but there's no accounting for some weirdos... 

Listen to all 13 tracks from the album plus the 4 singles that he and I released when we first started working together, available now to download instantly in high quality WAV and MP3 format.


  1. The Hipsters Are Coming
  2. First Love
  3. Bad Friend
  4. Hole In My Pocket
  5. I'm Late
  6. Even The Score
  7. My Gym
  8. Peter F Pan
  9. Same Old
  10. The Talk
  11. Modern Man
  12. Tis The Season
  13. It's Hard
  14. Weekend Living
  15. Loved Up
  16. P&P
  17. Anxious People